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Samsung suggests that Bixby has the potential to achieve AI intelligence on par with ChatGPT.

In a bid to help their digital assistant, Bixby, Samsung is launching a major update that will use generative AI. Won-joon Choi, executive vice president of mobile at Samsung, remarked on this during an interview with CNBC that was exclusive to the channel. He also detailed Samsung’s general approach.

Samsung Announces Major Upgrade for Bixby, Embracing Generative AI

Choi focused on the reassignment of Bixby’s function and recognized the disruptive capabilities of LLMs and generative AI. “The advent of Generative AI and LLM technology forces us to redefine the role of Bixby. It then becomes possible for Bixby to obtain Generative AI and be intellectually sharp in the future”, he opined.

Through this announcement, Bixby assumes an extraordinary position in terms of capabilities for AI, which were inferior to competitors such as Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant before. For quite a time, Samsung has been increasing including AI functionalities in the Galaxy ecosystem through Galaxy AI, and Bixby has not gotten the same treatment in this regard.

Bixby’s generative AI will utilize the details explained shortly. Now, it is unknown if Bixby will evolve into a sophisticated conversational AI like ChatGPT or Google’s LaMDA. Nevertheless, it seems from Choi’s utterance that Samsung is currently seeking a way to add generative AI functionalities to its artificial intelligence speaker.

Image Credits: Samsung

Such a statement only proved the fact that Samsung was in favor of both technologies on their smartphones. The company teased at CES 2024 about AI integration being the gateway to seamless communication between Hub and Bixby. This could give way to a more intelligent and coherent user experience.

People looking for a fully-featured, technologically advanced digital assistant, can be assured that Bixby will, in the future, be integrated with generative AI technology. Introducing generative AI into Bixby could be a game changer for the competence of this AI agent. It might become one of the top players in the unstable world of AI assistants.

On the one hand, this is an encouraging advancement, but further information on the implantation and incorporation of Generative AI into Bixby is very much wanted. Samsung users along with tech enthusiasts are thrilled to know what changes come with this version enhancement.

The incorporation of Bixby and the generative AI technology is certain to produce more responsive and smart machine usage because Samsung is involved in developing and innovating the digital assistant platform. As Samsung moves forward with its vision of Bixby concerning generative AI, watch out for what is in store for you.


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