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Google introducing Circle to Search feature for Pixel Fold

Google brought the eagerly awaited Circle to Search feature in the Pixel Fold, its latest flagship device. Get ready to use the easiness of visual search as you will be able to simply circle text and images on the monitor screen, as pointed out in a recent announcement. 

The foldable smartphone from Google acquires the same functionalities, part of the line-up of the Pixel 6/6 Pro, Pixel 6a, Pixel 7/7 Pro, and Pixel 7a (make sure to check Craving Tech’s reviews on those phones).

Pixel Fold Receives Circle to Search Feature in Latest Update

A particularly notable fact was that the Circle to Search application simultaneously appeared on the Pixel Fold update which was introduced alongside Samsung’s latest Galaxy S23 lineup which includes the Z Fold5, Z Flip5, and Tab S9 series.

Circle to Search on Pixel Fold helps to make a comfortable user experience no matter if the cover screen is used or not. To have user-friendliness, a new prompt intro is designed to direct users through the procedure. It’s, however, critical to keep in mind that Circle to Search is not yet a button on the Pixel tablet’s home screen or the major foldable display of the Pixel Fold. 

Consequently, the lack of a navigation bar is the reason for this obstacle. On the other hand, even though the search box does not expand all across the entire inner surface of the Fold, the results list does, just being a little visually stretched. The company Google has devised an easy way out for users who might have inadvertently carried out a circle to search action. Disable it via the Settings menu by going to System > Navigation, and selecting the Gesture navigation.

Image Credits: Google

The update for Pixel Tablets still does not exist, although the release of Pixel Fold is ongoing. This blow is a real punch in the face because the joint announcement and the launch of the March Feature Drop for the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro took place yesterday.

Besides that, the translate button, which will be next to the search bar, will be added by Google to mobile devices and it would be equally significant. This feature substitutes the original text with its translation, hence it is easier to route through foreign languages in the phone’s interface. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the Pixel Fold currently does not have such a translation feature.

With its announcement of Circle to Search, Google has proved the company’s focus on the users and disparate nature of the innovation in foldable smartphones. Through enabling convenient use and rolling out updates across all of its flagship devices, Google consistently excels in the areas of mobile technology. Google keeps working on integrating and enhancing the capabilities of the Pixel lineup and offering an unmatched experience to the users so watch out for announcements.


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