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Widespread System Outage Affecting ChatGPT

Late Monday night and early Tuesday morning, some of the people who use ChatGPT, one of the most popular chatbots were very frustrated as systems were partly unavailable to many. Reports of the issue began surfacing around 12 Based on the Twitter trends, those with desktop and mobile device access experienced issues at 21 AM PDT.

Popular Chatbot ChatGPT Struggles with Outage, Leaving Users Frustrated

The outage was mainly reported for mobile devices, especially Android devices which got the ChatGPT app opening to a login screen on startup. That is, there is a problem that is more extensive than merely dealing with the web-based front end. Those engaged via social media or formerly identified as Twitter mentioned they were unable to get the chatbot running as they were encountering constantly blocked login systems even through Chrome.

DownDetector is a service that tracks outages and, by observing the number of reports, it was seen that most of them were related to issues with ChatGPT and not with the site or the application. In this case, even those lucky users who still could log in, received an ‘Internal Server Error’ when trying to enter questions or search for something. This screw-up could occur to premium clients, those who pay more in the hopes of receiving better service.

Fortunately, the failure was not as global as it could be even though high-profile websites suffered from downtime, ordinary users did not always face the problem. There are reports from some users who have implied normal usage, and our experiments proved that it is possible to login using Google sign in even though it slower response time and less accurate responses from the AI system. For instance, when asked for a summary of the recent England match respondents struggled for two minutes before ChatGPT returned information that was not true while others asserted the correct facts in less than a few seconds.

OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT also confirmed the problem through their system status page, saying, ‘ChatGPT is not available for some of the users. ’ They also pointed out that ‘We are looking into this issue currently. ’ But they have been unable to tell the public more details on the situation, let alone explain why ChatGPT is down or when it will be back up.

Such issues are not new to ChatGPT, as the system witnessed similar challenges previously. The richest man in the world was once again disappointed by his platform leaving users frustrated for more than eight hours on May 23rd. However, OpenAI currently enjoys a very high level of availability, north of 99% in fact, of its services. 67% in the last 90 days as it has been seen.

For those of you who prefer the former while ChatGPT is experiencing these problems, note that Google’s Gemini AI is still working without the limitations of the current outage.

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