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Upcoming Release: New Apple AirPods Max and Affordable AirPods Expected to Launch Later in the Year

In the realm of Apple’s innovative ecosystems, excitement is already in the air which is propelled by the rumors of the Apple AirPods lineup upgrade. Some people may have heard about Jeff Pu, a famous technology analyst that is renowned for his accurate observations made in relation to the different supply chain activities of Apple that will take place shortly.

Apple’s AirPods Lineup Set for Upgrades: Lower-Cost Variant and Enhanced Features on the Horizon

By Pu’s insightful analysis, sent through Haitong International Securities, a subsidiary of Foxconn, the sources say that a low-cost AirPod is set to be produced by the company. Secondly, the gear shift towards the end of the fourth quarter of 2024 at an Indian facility of Foxconn suggests a global lineup plan.

While Mr. Pu didn’t exactly reveal the exact specs of the AirPods Economy, he said it in the same time with Bloomberg’s report of Mark Gurman. Gurman’s observations indicate the prospect of a revelation of AirPods 4th generation, which is due sometime in September/October of this year. 

These to-be-launched AirPods are expected to come out in budget and mid-tier models each achieving a new aesthetics for comfortable fit, better quality of audio, and redesign of charging case with a USB-C port, signaling some users’ request for universal charging standards.

Photo by Dagny Reese on Unsplash

The middle-range version of the AirPods, with the noise-canceling feature on board, which will be a big step forward, is likely to deliver an all-encompassing and immersive auditory adventure. On the other hand, Gurman suggests that this time Apple might equip the AirTags with a speaker to assist in locating the devices by using Apple’s well-known Find My service.

Despite the abundance of data, there is still a slight uncertainty clouding the issue of whether the rumored low-priced AirPods will be a rival to the allegedly upcoming fourth-generation AirPods that Gurman mentioned. Nevertheless, these pieces of information point to a distinct storyline.

Leaving AirPods behind, Pu’s report gives provocative hints of a probable AirPods Max makeover planned to be launched by the end of the year 2024. Although it’s not clear enough, Gurman’s previously mentioned ideas might point towards additional features like a USB-C port as the main distinguishing feature and a variety of new color options on top of that.

While Apple keeps mum and no official confirmation is given, taken together these reports contribute a mosaic of images that suggest a big year for Apple’s AirPods family lies ahead. The excitement of a more affordable model and the possibility of upgrading the current one indicates that Apple might have designs to offer variety in its wireless earbuds line. As the end of the year is approaching tech fans are looking forward to the next stage of innovations. Stay tuned for any news as the AirPods saga continues to cut the headlines.


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