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Tineco FLOOR ONE Switch S6: The Ultimate 5-in-1 Cleaning Solution

Keeping your living space pristine has never been easier with Tineco’s latest innovation – the FLOOR ONE Switch S6 Wet & Dry vacuum. Designed to simplify your cleaning routine, this 5-in-1 multifunctional vacuum offers a range of features to tackle both hard and soft surfaces effortlessly.

The FLOOR ONE Switch S6 is equipped with a variety of vacuum attachments, allowing you to seamlessly transition between cleaning modes in seconds. Whether you’re tackling floors, corners, stairs, upholstery, or car interiors, this versatile vacuum adapts to your needs with ease. Basically, the Tineco machines we’ve reviewed so far (like the S7 Steam, S6 Pro Extreme, S7 PRO, and S5 PRO) are usually great for hard floors and tiles, but not so much on carpets (except for the CARPET ONE SHAMPOOER).

However, the new Switch S6 gives you the capability to properly vacuum carpets and also other crevices around the house like a proper vacuum cleaner.

Featuring Tineco’s proprietary iLoop Smart Technology, the FLOOR ONE Switch S6 automatically detects debris in real-time, optimising suction power and water flow for thorough cleaning and extended runtime. This new model offers a longer runtime for larger spaces, enabling seamless room-to-room cleaning.

Key Features

  • Flashdry Self-cleaning system: Combines self-cleaning and air drying of the brush roller with the push of a button, ensuring convenient hands-free cleaning.
  • Continuous Clean-Brush Washing via MHCBS Technology: Keeps your floors spotless with constant washing and efficient recycling of dirty water.
  • ZeroTangle Brush: Targets hair messes and pet fur without tangling, simplifying the cleaning process.
  • Longer Battery Lifespan: Upgraded pouch cell battery design offers extended duration of cleaning.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Weighing just 4.3 kg for the floor washer and 2.3 kg for the vacuum

Equipped with Dual-edge cleaning feature, the FLOOR ONE Switch S6 ensures streak-free cleaning along baseboards and in hard-to-reach corners. Plus, the LED display provides quick access to essential information such as battery level and cleaning reminders for an efficient cleaning experience.

The Tineco FLOOR ONE Switch S6 is available for purchase on Amazon with an RRP of A$999.

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