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Threads Now Offer a Multi-Column Web View Inspired by TweetDeck

Among the significant updates that Threads has introduced, is a new feature that is similar to TweetDeck which allows users to view their feed in columns, thus enabling them to have better control and organization of their feed. This change enables the users to have a dashboard of their own, with several columns according to their tastes.

Threads Tests TweetDeck-Like Multi-Column Web View, Giving Users More Control

In this case, the new multi-column view helps users to adapt their Threads experience by adding individual columns for various contents, such as “For You,” favorites search, the specific account, the saved posts, and notifications. Each column is adaptable, users can rearrange their content in a way they love.

The most noticeable difference in this update is the data column auto-refresh function which allows users to monitor the real-time data on the desired themes. This way becomes especially useful for users trying to catch up with a moving conversation or follow events in real time.

The current release is based on Twitter’s previous version – TweetDeck, now on X Premium. However, although X charges a monthly fee for a similar multi-column view, Threads offers this feature free of charge making it a parallel option to users seeking a modification social media setting without willingly paying.

The prospect of the multi-column feature has significant advantages, especially for users who wish to be more efficient and well-organized. Browsing through several feeds at the same time can help users to be more effective and productive in their work. Whether this is keeping tabs on the news in the industry, following their favorite creators, or managing notifications, the multi-column view covers you on a single screen.

Currently, in a testing stage with a handpicked group of users, we collect feedback to guarantee there is no flaw before a widespread launch. Moreover, Threads has created a new sorting option among searches where recency is the deciding factor in content discovery.

For regular Threads users, this feature has introduced a transformational moment in the way they engage with the platform where a more personalized and focused interaction is offered. Threads differentiate itself from competitors by its freestyle and customizable approach and although it is an emerging social media platform, it can give X Pro a run for its money by offering users a powerful and credible alternative. Watch out for updates – this multicolumn web scroller can be a game-changer for your Threads experience.

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