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Review of Verbatim Share My Screen 4K: Effortlessly Stream from Your Laptop, Tablet, or Phone to a TV Wirelessly

Imagine having to bring a Google Chromecast or Apple TV for the purpose of wireless streaming outside the comfort of your home. Or perhaps to bring a long HDMI cable just in case that hotel TV’s HDMI slot is located too far at the back. Or perhaps you are a student or professional who need to do presentations regularly and wish there is an easy way to do things – such as not having to stand too close to a projector or TV, because you need your laptop to be connected literally next to it via the HDMI cable.

Well, that wish has come true with this Verbatim Share My Screen 4K HDMI wireless transmitter/receiver. You can truly enjoy wireless freedom and easily stream content from your device like a laptop to any display with HDMI ports. Well, technically you are still going to need that HDMI cable but you’ll have more freedom using this magical device.


Verbatim Share My Screen 4K consists of two units: the transmitter and receiver. The way this works is pretty simple. Plug the transmitter unit into your USB-C device (like a laptop, tablet, or smartphone) and plug the other end to a display device (like a TV, monitor, or projector) via HDMI cable. It literally is just plug and play and there is nothing you need to do to make the process easier and quicker. You can then easily transform from having to work on a smaller display to a bigger one.

As far as design goes, these are two compact units that you can easily carry inside your bag or backpack. They are pretty flat and non-bulky too, making it even easier to squish into your luggage.

The transmitter and receiver are already paired to one another by default so they will just work straight out of the packaging. The transmitter also has an extra USB-A slot where you can plug in an external USB device (in case you are storing your presentation files here), or a peripheral like a mouse or keyboard.

The receiver unfortunately needs to be powered, so you will have to plug it to a USB slot – which should be fairly simple as most modern TVs, monitors, and projectors have USB slots handy. Thankfully, you’ll also get a USB-A to USB-C cable inside the packaging for maximum compatibility. The transmitter itself already has a built-in USB-C so you can just plug that right into your USB-C device.

Share My Screen 4K, as the name suggests, supports wireless streaming in 4K resolution, which is an awesome trait. However, note that the device only supports 30Hz refresh rate. Which means, it’s a great device if you need to stream something out but not if you have to interact with it directly.

For example, if you think of using this to extend your display from a work laptop to a second one like a monitor, you’ll be disappointed with the refresh rate – which probably makes it unusable for work. The product is never marketed or intended to do such a thing, though, so that’s okay.

For streaming movies, Share My Screen 4K works great when I streamed a 4K video on Netflix and I can’t wait to carry this awesome device with me overseas. Sure, I’d still have to carry an HDMI cable, but at least I don’t need to carry a long one and my laptop can be easily placed on my hotel bed or anywhere within the room.

Technically, it also supports gaming but most gamers are gaming in 60Hz (console) and more (PC), so don’t buy this for the purpose of gaming.


Verbatim Share My Screen 4K doesn’t just make life simpler, it also enhances it. If you are the type who likes to stream movies or presentations from a laptop to a bigger display like a TV, you are going to love this product. It simplifies the process of streaming from one device to another, its wireless connection is stable with support to up to 10 metres, and it also supports 4K resolution for that bigger display like a 75″ TV.

For students or professionals who are doing a lot of presentations, the Verbatim Share My Screen 4K is godsend. And in-between, you can also enjoy movie watching from any USB-C device you have, such as your phone. Want to share that cool YouTube video to your family in the living room? Just plug the transmitter into your phone and stream it on that 75″ TV easily.

Having Verbatim Share My Screen 4K is like having both Apple TV and Google Chromecast in a single device, but it’s so much simpler to use that anyone can use it on any device instantly. It’s available now and retails for A$199.95.

Disclosure: Verbatim Share My Screen 4K review sample was supplied for reviewing

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