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Review of the Zyron Powaforce 100W GaN 5 Charger: Unleashing Full Power in a Compact Design

Don’t like carrying an extra charger just for your laptop? Imagine the times when you have to travel interstate, overseas, or even just commute from home to work or school. With all the devices we carry, we often end up lugging around a few different chargers and cables to power our power-hungry devices: laptops, smartphones, tablets, earbuds, smartwatches, etc.

If you think you’ll always have to use the power charger that comes with your laptop, think again. Nowadays, you can just use a handy GaN charger like the Powaforce 100W from Zyron Tech. In fact, you don’t even need to carry the other chargers and can just go with this single, awesome charger.

Zyron-Powaforce-GaN-PD-3-Wall-Charger Packaging Contents

The Powaforce 100W GaN Charger comes with four USB ports (two USB-Cs and two USB-As) that can deliver up to 100W outputs (PD 3.0 fast charging). The first two USB-C ports support up to 100W, while the other two USB-A ports support up to 12W. Note, however, that the maximum 100W output is shared among the four slots. So, while technically you can charge four devices simultaneously with all four ports, the power is distributed among them.

This is typically fine with some modern laptops as they don’t require the full 100W of power. For example, my HUAWEI MateBook X Pro utilises 65W of power to charge, so this can be plugged into the Powaforce 100W along with an iPad Pro (20W), and so on. You don’t need to do the math yourself though, as the power distribution will be taken care of automatically by the charger itself. Thanks to the Dynamic Device Detection and Intelligent Power Distribution feature, each device will be charged optimally according to its type and usage.

The Powaforce 100W GaN Charger also supports Samsung Fast Charging 2.0 technology, delivering efficient and rapid charging at 45W using PPS if you have supported Samsung devices at home.

In terms of safety, it comes with various protections such as short circuit protection and temperature protection, plus it has been rigorously tested and certified by industry standards like SAA, RCM, and C-Tick, offering peace of mind.

My wife used to charge her MacBook Pro and asked me why it was taking so long to charge. Mind you, she plugged her MacBook into a USB-A powerboard with her 3-split charging cable (USB-C, Lightning, and microUSB). After a brief lecture on how these things work, I handed her the Zyron Powaforce 100W charger with this extra 3-metre long Powaforce 100W USB-C to USB-C cable.

She was amazed by how fast her MacBook was charged, and at the same time, the 3-metre length cable offered convenience with her MacBook placement on the desk. Cheaper, longer cables often can’t provide as much power (and speed for file transfer). The cable is crafted with nylon braiding and an extra polypropylene layer, which, according to Zyron Tech, can withstand up to 50,000 bends, making it highly durable.

Zyron Powaforce 100W GaN 5 Charger Review Conclusion

The Zyron Powaforce 100W GaN Charger is a compact, powerful GaN charger with 100W PD3.0 support. It comes with multiple USB-A and USB-C slots, offering great compatibility across different devices. Easy to carry, thanks to the included hard case and cable, it provides convenience to charge multiple devices simultaneously at different power capacities. You can definitely leave your other chargers behind and just bring this with you on your travels.

And to charge a smartwatch, you can bring something like this and plug it into one of its USB-C slot.

Zyron Powaforce 100W GaN 5 retails for A$89.99 at the moment on Zyron Tech website and the 3-metre cable retails for A$19.99.

Disclosure: Zyron Powaforce 100W GaN 5 charger review sample was supplied for reviewing

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